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Corporate Office
1401 17th Street, Suite 1100
Denver, CO 80202-1253
Phone: 720-402-3700
Fax: 720-402-3697


Emergency Contact
If there is an imminent danger of fire, injury or loss of life , please call 911 prior to contacting our emergency line.

Partners & Affiliates

Private Equity Provider - EnCap Investment
Financial Institution - Bank of Oklahoma
Financial Institution - Wells Fargo
Reserve Engineers - Pinnacle Energy
Financial Auditors - Ehrhardt, Keefe, Steiner & Hottman PC


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Dorado E&P Partners, LLC

  DoradoE&P Partners

Dorado E&P is a Denver-based independent oil and gas company focused on the pursuit of low-risk acreage and drilling opportunities and proved reserve acquisitions. The company is managed by a multi-disciplinary group of seasoned E&P executives who previously held senior-level positions at companies such as EnCana, Forest Oil and El Paso.


Dorado E&P is backed by EnCap Investments LP. EnCap seeks to invest in partnerships with seasoned management teams with compelling business plans that have a demonstrated track record of value creation, the ability to manage complex companies during periods of rapid growth, and a desire to work with a value added partner. EnCap implements capital structures that are appropriate to facilitate the company's continued growth, including providing strategic support and sufficient equity to insure access to capital for acquisitions, development projects, and execution of the company's business plan. EnCap is proud to be a shareholder of Dorado E&P Partners, LLC.